LinkedIn premium

Service type: LinkedIn Business Premium (1 year )
Price: $99 :partying_face:

Description: Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium :heart::star2:

Save 500$ :eyes: on annual subscription.
Official Price : $700+

My price : $99 ( +Swapd fee )

:white_check_mark: LinkedIn Business Premium Plan
:white_check_mark: 12 Months Validity
:white_check_mark: Upgraded on your own account
:white_check_mark: No access required.
:white_check_mark: Redeemed by vouchers.

Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

Private Browsing
Full Access to LinkedIn learning
Applicant Insights
Direct Messaging
Who Viewed Ur profile
Advanced Search
In mail Credits (15/ month)
Smart Suggestions
And a Lot More…


  1. How it works? Is this legit?

101% legit . These vouchers are obtained legitimately from LinkedIn employees. No Blackhat methods involved.

  1. How to proceed?

Start a ticket >> Pay the amount >> I will share redeem link >> you have to activate the offer.
That’s it.

  1. How long does it take?

Within 10-15 mins.

  1. Accepted Payment Methods?

I accept major crypto currencies. BTC/USDT is preferred.

Note : If anyone face any issues, a replacement will be provided. No refunds will be given.

Upgrade now !! Save $$$

hey there,
still have the linkedin premium offer?
Can I pay by paypal or wise?

Hello :wave:
Yes . I still have tons of vouchers. Yeah
PayPal accepted.

still avalible?

Still available?

Yes it’s available .(5-6 vouchers left)

(post deleted by author)