Looking For Content / Account Takedown Services

Hello, hope all is well.
New to this site, so still getting hang of things!

Looking for:
Content Takedown & Permanent Account Deletion Services.

Been drastically searching for active sellers that are able to communicate with me fast and give me reliable updates.

If you are able to do the following social medias for takedown, then please message me so I can keep you saved and contact you as soon as possible regarding work.

  • TikTok (Need the most)
  • Twitter (X)
  • Instagram
  • Discord server

Thank you.


@aaaaahh messege me !

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Instagram and Twitter

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come pm

Can you reach me too?

Just swing me a dm rather than asking me to hit you up.

@911 @verus


Let me know if you’re also able to do Discord Server Takedown.

I can illegal server / po** etc

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Please message me know if you can do TWITTER (X).

If you have a safety concern, don’t message me.

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