Looking for Fashion/Beauty Cover Media Buy

Looking for someone who can place a model representing one of our portfolio companies on the cover of any major fashion magazine (Elle, Vogue, Bazaar, etc). We prefer East Asian markets, but other regions are acceptable as well.

Would like to keep the cost well under 100k per publication if possible, but we are willing to go well above that for the right publications.

Please DM me with price, TAT, and any other relevant info.


It has to be the COVER only?
I am very well connected within the Beauty industry specially Makeup.

I do this one Swapd - Check this.

Apart from this :point_up_2: I am personally connected to more than 200+ Verified MUAs and Artists (check this and this and have done business deals with them or got them published or made them a deal for brands or promos for themselves.

But, this will be hard let me ask around if I can be of some help or not.
I surely can pull off other smallar publications as a cover for a price but, the ones you named, would be next to impossible. Specially, If the Model is not someone known.

We are specifically looking for covers in this post, but if you are able to provide media buys for articles as well, we are more than happy to take a look. If this is the case, please feel free to send over a price list. We’ve been able to connect with people both on this site and on others for article media buys so I didn’t feel a need to create a thread requesting that. That being said, our budget for articles is significantly lower (ideally under 10k per publication unless it’s in print).

The model is definitely not particularly well known at the moment. We are in the process of securing some media placements for her, but we would definitely like to know where the bar is for “notable”. We’ve allocated a fairly strong budget for this, but if it’s more feasible to place her in smaller publications that works for us as well.

I also meant, Covers for Magazines (digital and print) not articles.

Anyway, I will send you a list for both, Mag Covers, Article publications and brand or artist’ collabs too.

And, thanks for letting me know your requirements. I will gather all info and contact you so that it’s in one place, well detailed and documented with price lists.

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