Looking for Twitter and Instagram Growth Hackers

In the title, we’re looking for growth reps who can help us scale girls’ Twitter and Instagram pages. Must be real, western followers, a LOT of work available.

Can do through ads pm me the details requirements

Instagram Growth | How To Grow Instagram Like A Pro

There have been multiple ways to grow your account on Instagram, although most of these are now outdated, and or are inefficient. This tutorial will go through the most efficient and updated steps to gain followers on Instagram.

Optimizing Your Account

This will go in depth, on how to fully maximize your account’s growth potential. Each point will be described in bullet points below.

Encourage activity on your posts - (Ask questions, answer comments, talk with your followers)

Have a close and personal connection with your followers

Have meme page admins, to post on the page - To relieve stress of you, so you can

focus on gaining.

Make sure your story is personal, never post any ads on there (Important)

Like other people content - They might follow back or even shout you out if you 2 are getting along well

If you are going to post advertisements, wait at least until 25-50k followers.

Post a lot 10-20 times a day - People share content | Shares = followers

Stay private, do not go public, you will not gain as much and there will be more bots/automated accounts sticking around your account.


Since, Instagram’s algorithm has changed during the last few months, posting more is good and not bad. You, the meme page want to take up as much of the users feed as possible. To grow properly you must post, try posting at least 5-20 posts a day relating the niche of your page. That way, you take up a lot of the users engagement resulting in more overall activity. By doing this post strategy you should additionally notice that there are some occasional anomalys sometimes. Some memes might do only 80% of the average, although some memes might skyrocket and do 300% the average. These anomalies are good, because it means that your memes are being shared, and being liked by most of your following. The followers who like the post, the more people see it. When posting a meme, you should always post a meme which makes you laugh or creates emotions among the user such as, anger, sadness, sympathy, laughter. Never just take a random meme which you do not find funny and just post it for the sake of posting. That will slowly lower you engagement because probably will not find it funny either.

Instagram Like Algorithm

This point will sum up the Instagram’s Like Algorithm and points for using it in your advantage. So Instagram’s new Like Algorithm works like this: When you post, the post gets show to the first batch of active users who follow you. If all of them or the majority likes the video/image then it gets shown to the next group and so on. If a group has a majority where they stop liking it, the post will most likely not continue to the next group, so the next group will not see the post in their following feed. Keep in mind all the so called “groups” have access to go on your profile and manually view your meme. So to optimize this algorithm as mentioned above you should post content which creates emotions among the user such as, anger, sadness, sympathy, laughter. Another point is follower botting, which used to be okay before this algorithm, although Instagram has made it impossible to grow with botting on your account now. Because the bots will not like your content, but Instagram will treat them as if they were a “group”, as mentioned in the Post subheading above. This is also why you shouldn’t be public since bots can follow you and bring down your engagement.

Shoutouts - C4C, P4P, S4S

There are 3 main ways to shoutout4shoutout on Instagram. Caption for Caption, Picture for Picture, Story for Story. I suggest doing Picture for Picture, and I am against Story for Story. Ideally you should post 1-5 P4P a day, to create a 200-1200 follower gain daily. To find people to do shoutouts with, message a person with the same niche as you and follower count.

[P4P] This will gain you the most, but it can get your followers angry. Although it will be worth it when you are gaining 1000-2000 followers a day. So losing 3-5 followers will not really do much.

[C4C] Probably the safest. Gains you the least, but it is low risk. Usually followers do not really notice, but you don’t gain that much from these.

[S4S] Never do these. They gain only a bit more than C4C, and they are much more of a hassle. Additionally as mentioned before, you must keep your story personal. Although you can make an exception, if the person has a higher following than you - 200%+

Gains / Megas

Gains / Megas are engagement groups around Instagram/telegram where 10-100 people gain each other by posting some sort of clickbait, which promotes an account which later promotes you, or promotes a list including you. Megas are very powerful, and I strongly recommend doing megas because they can make you heavily grow, you can grow 2k from just doing 1 mega. You will most likely lose 2-15 from posting a mega post, although it is fine losing 2-15 followers for 500+ from 1 post. Be careful though, some megas can get you banned, for example iPhone giveaways have gotten people banned because they are obviously scams. So try doing a mega which is not scummy, to ensure your precious meme page does not get banned. Most megas have a requirement in following/likes, most megas accept 1000+, megas are also done by everyone, quite literally. There are mega groups for people who are 100k+, even 1 million+. If you want to get in a 100k or a 1mill mega, you either have to be very convincing, or you have to pay to join.


This is what will really be gaining you followers. Although buying promotions, does get costly. I would only recommend if you know who you are buying from, and if you know how to advertise properly. Although what I do recommend though is price per k promotions. These are growth agencies on Instagram which can grow your account to, say 1 for x price. This will ensure a proper gain, unlike others who don’t guarantee a gain.

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