Looking to hire a designer - TAG THE BEST DESIGNER YOU KNOW

I’m looking to hire someone who can help design/create social media posts for a few of my brands. If you or anyone you know is top tier talent, please LMK. Good budget and super long-term work.


How many hours per week/month would this be based on? I might be able to, but I doubt if I got time.

I can maybe help if it’s like 19-12 hours a week

My team can do this. PM me the details :slight_smile:

Will charge fixed rates, not per hour.

Not sure. We have a few brands and are looking to post 10-12x/month per brand. There’s several agencies like https://www.manypixels.co and https://penji.co who give you “unlimited brands and designs” but I’d really like to bring someone in-house more full time so that there’s continuity.

I can help.

@Asna is one of the best out here I know, you should definitely give her a try