Looking to trade premium Facebook account

I have a page that is fantastic. It comes with a website that is already connected to instant articles. It has 680k fans most of which are in premium countries. The website comes with a couple hundred articles. I don’t know what I’ll get in return but this page has great reach and incredible followers.

The website is GuF4.com

Please no crazy offers. I know that this page has significant value. So, please be respectful and realistic.

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maybe you should remove the website name as it clearly shows your fanpage as well.

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The website doesn’t show the link to the page. If it is do you want to show me where you’re seeing it? Thanks.

when i went on your site the link to your fb page is in sidebar :slight_smile: (i am just saying for your security no offense)

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I’ll and take that off the website. Thanks for the heads up. I’m on mobile and didn’t see it.

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I’ll go on the website*

Thanks for the heads up. I thought that widget was deleted.

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Could i get the page link

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Also, marked as Premium due to the majority of tier 1 fans, good luck!

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What is page name please?

is it ad breaks enabled?

Interested I have website and fanpage with 3 years in search and 200+ pages

PM link

give me price bro :smiley:
I have seen a lot of people selling this page, but that’s a hacker

I’m not trying to sell. I’m trying to trade. Also, where else have you seen someone trying to sell this?

Bumpy bump

To be specific. I’m interested in a monetized YouTube channel in the gaming/comedy niche. Also, followers must be in premium countries.

@Swapd can you please close this? I’ll reapproach this idea in the future.