Looking to trade premium Facebook account



I have a page that is fantastic. It comes with a website that is already connected to instant articles. It has 680k fans most of which are in premium countries. The website comes with a couple hundred articles. I don’t know what I’ll get in return but this page has great reach and incredible followers.


The website is GuF4.com

Please no crazy offers. I know that this page has significant value. So, please be respectful and realistic.


maybe you should remove the website name as it clearly shows your fanpage as well.


The website doesn’t show the link to the page. If it is do you want to show me where you’re seeing it? Thanks.


when i went on your site the link to your fb page is in sidebar :slight_smile: (i am just saying for your security no offense)


I’ll and take that off the website. Thanks for the heads up. I’m on mobile and didn’t see it.


I’ll go on the website*


Thanks for the heads up. I thought that widget was deleted.

Are trades allowed to be made on Swapd?

Could i get the page link


Also, marked as Premium due to the majority of tier 1 fans, good luck!


What is page name please?


is it ad breaks enabled?


Interested I have website and fanpage with 3 years in search and 200+ pages


PM link


give me price bro :smiley:
I have seen a lot of people selling this page, but that’s a hacker


I’m not trying to sell. I’m trying to trade. Also, where else have you seen someone trying to sell this?


Bumpy bump


To be specific. I’m interested in a monetized YouTube channel in the gaming/comedy niche. Also, followers must be in premium countries.


@Swapd can you please close this? I’ll reapproach this idea in the future.