Loss of IG verification

Has anyone ever experienced a loss of instagram verification after purchasing press and being verified for over a year?

It’s rare but yes, we’ve seen it. Did you lose your verification?

I know 5 people in the last 24 hours that have and came asked me if I’ve heard of it

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Well, we can say now that we’ve experienced one loss on our end. Something is up.

When did you guys experience this?

A few hours ago.

Interesting, anyway we can dig into there?

All we can do is wait and see if this continues.

Do we know if verified accounts that are on private are an issue?? Or are they allowed to be on private?

Not sure to be honest.

any updates on this?

Still gone

Have you done anything like spam or use bots or make your page private?

Not me, clients, and no

gotcha and did they all lose them around the same time and use the same pr team?

“Your account must be public”

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