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Bumping this topic as we are back in the community :confetti_ball:

For those who have already shown interest in our service, we kindly ask that you check your PMs as we have sent you a message. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Hello Lunar,

can you send me price list of Us Publications
i am interested in Vogue, do you have any example?
and how long does it take how does it work?
i am new here but i am looking forward to get a deal
im serious about it
Thank you

Hi very interested, please send list with pricing. Especially interested in top financial/business sites like business insider, etc.

Like to know price of vogue and elle.

Also can we do a feature article here?

Bumping this topic :confetti_ball:

Please send me the list of your biggest websites, with a quick turnaround time

Can you send list too please ?

PM’d both