➀ MAJOR US PUBLICATIONS (Elle,Cosmopolitan, VentureBeat, Variety, Vogue, The Guardian) | πŸ–ˆ Diamond Seller for Organic Publications/PR | β€’ +120 Tickets β€’ | ~ Best Rates & TAT ~ |

Hello !
After several months of direct negotiations with renowned sites, I am able to offer you exclusive publications. Each article is written by the editorial team of the newspaper directly.

Leave a PM to get rates !
Feel free to contact us for any question !

We can slightly negociate the rates depending of the final client :wink:

β˜… Reviews 5/5 β˜…


PM for esquire and menshealth pls

The list you sent me didn’t have any of the ones you advertised like Elle, TechCrunch, Marie Claire, etc. And you are offering a local texan publication for $8000?

pm for Seattle

We will update our list very soon. Regarding some publication such as Elle, Techcrunch, Marie Claire you can ask me directly for the one you are looking for in PM. For now it’s not on our list :slight_smile:

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PM for Techcrunch and Menshealth

Is LATimes.com possible?


Yes it is :slight_smile:
Replied to all in PM

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if you have an example for la times send it over

also curious on the list / pricing of the other publications


Send me pricing for this.

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PM d


dm pricing for tech crunch

DM Prices :slight_smile:

DM prices

interested in seattle

PM d

BUMP : Get your spot now !

BUMP : Get your spot now !