★ Make Money with Lo-Fi YouTube Music Channel (Lo-Fi - Techno - Chill etc.) ★

I can create special YouTube channels for you for any music genre. After 30 days you may be ready to make money! With this unique service, you will have 50 tracks of any genre you want! I will even give you 1 label account with this service, you can start your record label! In addition to all this, I will give you a few more tips to help you get views.

:heart: 1,000 Subscribers: Kickstart your channel with a community of music enthusiasts. (Channels will be delivered to you with 1k subscribers)

:clapper: 30 x 30-Minute Videos: Immerse your audience with a variety of captivating tracks.

:accordion: Genre Variety: Explore the realms of Lofi, Techno, Chill, and beyond!

:guitar: The channel you will have will be an artist channel and you will enjoy the privilege of it!

:keyboard: SEO and thumbnail work will be done!

CPM; 2.5/3$

1 Channel Price : 2000 USDT + Fees
2 Channel Price : 3500 USDT + Fees
(If you want an active channel with monetization feature, the price will increase)

Animations special to your channel will be prepared and will be unique! Here is an example video :


lol listening to Lo-fi right now


Here is our target audience!

arent this basically simple AI generated videos tho? nothing really made from scratch and for that price way too much for it

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Try to do it yourself and you will encounter dozens of problems, I want this money because I solved these problems :slight_smile:

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i made one myself not too long ago, the same concept video but more complex than this and has more details and vocals. I just think this is way too much for the price but goodluck on sales!

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Let me know if you get a reused content warning :slight_smile:

it is AI made so it isn’t reused, as the vocals aren’t really copyright from any artists it is more of a mixed. So it can’t be copyrighted unless someone uses it then you can copyright them and have their earnings transfer from u

That’s not what I wanted to say but anyway, good luck

can you provide any sample channel link and its last 6 months earnings just to make sure

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can i also get a sample of a channel thats been working for last 6 months earningsd as well?

Can you DM me of some example channels.

Also - do you provide only lofi space channels or other niches also?