Make your new Brand SHINE with these Domains [Simple Domain Store]

Hi guys, I am listing here the domains I have available for purchase.
Mostly old .IO and .COM names.

All of them are brandable!

Ask me for prices of the domain(s) you want privately, I will offer you the fairest price.
Also, tell me a bit about you.



    • Price can be adapted to your budget, and paid for up to 12 months!
    • A king said; The Giftcard market is making an enormous impact on how we buy things.
    • Companies such as Apple enforcing them a lot recently.
    • Auto-delivery business.
    • Logo design included (by a professional).

    • Perfect for delivery/shipping, most online stores need a reliable shipping service.


    • Automated find-your-perfect-car business.


  • Pizza.NGO
    • The name stands for Pizza & Go ("Pizza on The Go!).
    • Tremendous potential for a brand name or product. Easy to remember.

Social Media:


    • Super domain-hack for a Live Viewer service and many ideal use cases like Views itself.

    • Blog / CV / Website creator and more usages.



    • Known as Transaction pool, is where new pending transactions are kept until a miner chooses to mine and process it.

    • Very interesting if you’re looking to make a mempool data service, all blockchain developers know what the txpool is and .IO TLD fits perfect since in this case means incoming/outgoing as it happens with transactions entering or leaving the txpool)

    • Can be used for a business like TxPool but also for a Blockchain event/conference!


  • (Like breave, I include a very good logo for this one, ask me for it)

  • (Admin panel, management)

  • (Short of dedicated, but its the exact word in Romanian and Catalan)

    • Perfect you are looking to start a hosting business, or that works with the work dedicated.

    • Spanish domain hack of the word estrename, means try me (new, for the first time)

I will be updating this post when a sale occurs,
and for listing new domains.


GLWS :100:

New domain available.

Thank you.

send information about





New domains available soon.

New Food Category & Domain!

Pizza.NGO (Means Pizza & Go, “Pizza On The Go!”). Tremendous potential.

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