Massive Instagram Active account 730k+ ( Good Price For quick Sale , Urgent Money Needed )

why ? because i was honest ? and he tried to scamm me ?

No, because you exposed his stats/handle in the public, four times. You PM stats here. We will look into your claims, and if we messed up at any point, we will fix it, like we always do. You, however, are on the same level as the other guy, as you’re pushing a very iffy account and you’re being hostile while being called out on it. Good bye.

you were the hostile not me . my account is better then 100 accounts in here listed ins swapd for 10 times more expensive , dont suspend this account dellet this listing this is not my account this is my friend account , im using it .

Closing topic. Seller didn’t like his poor audit report, decided to take it against other members pushing iffy properties.

Update. It may seem like the sellers claims may be correct, we’re currently verifying this. However, the suspension still stands for breaking our rules.