Media Buying For Ecommerce/Lead Generation/High Ticket Offers (Facebook/Fb Ads/ IG Ads /TikTok Ads/Google Ads)

Service type: Running ads for your business, increase sales and revenue while decreasing your CAC - Customer Acquisition Cost
Price: 3500$+

Description: Our multi-specialist team has scaled brands to $1 million per month and beyond.

Running ads are harder than ever now. iOS 14 fucked up a lot of advertisers, in-platform attribution is a trustless, and costs keep going up.

Despite the challenges, we are still scaling :slightly_smiling_face: This doesn’t happen by accident; it requires systematic testing, accurate reporting, and the skill to create campaigns that allow you to raise budget without raising CPA.

If you want to find success wtihin the Ad ecosystem, you need to win everywhere outside of Facebook.

We understand what’s required to win on advertising platforms from the inside out, and have scaled brands beyond six-figures per day.

New to brand customer acquisition is the lifeblood of any business, and we use advertising platforms as a tool to acquire new customers.

Our team is built to help your brand acquire new customers with proper advertising at scale so you can focus on running your business and building your brand.

We work with third party attribution tools such as Hyros, Northbeam, Triple Whale, Wicked Reports, etc.

Here’s report of our Q3 Ad spend :

For more details, Dm me and let’s talk!