Meta ban service


I’m seeking a person that can provide with the following services on Meta platforms:

  1. Permanent ban on Instagram page
  2. Permanent ban of a Facebook page
  3. Business Manager / Ad Account ban

Please reach out via direct message with pricing information and budget options.

Thank you.

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looking for that too, anyone got let me know.

Hey brother,
I can do 1 & 2, easy and with 100 success rate, pm me

I can do number 3 as I see somebody said they can do 1 and 2 assuming you went with them, lmk

I can , bump my dms

I can help you to bane any account just message me

Hi how are you doing i can help you with the bane

Don’t spam people’s threads with your replies

PM me. Let’s get the IG one done.

Inbox if got strong Budget.

I can ban instagram! business or personal doesnt matter :smiley:

I can do ig bans