Meta Subscription Verification Available for Instagram and Facebook at Best Price With Fast Turnaround

Service type: Meta Subscription (Facebook and Instagram both available)
Price: $600+$600+fee Ordering both can discount you at Just $1000
Can Verify Brand Username at just $1000+fee

Description: Here you’ll get Meta Subscription blue tick on your desired username. Will provide you with another account that is eligible for meta-verification on your desired username.

Time: 1-3 hours after ticket order and payment

NOTE: Here will provide you Login access with 2FA once you/your client get access to the account after that they can submit legal documents of their countries and in a few hours they’ll get a blue tick. Also, change everything after 20-30 days till then you can change your password and phone number.

Payment: USDT


This method can then remove the blue badge after a while?

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Nope pay every month $14.99 bucks through your credit card or PayPal or other payment method which meta allows

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you make an account with a different name and then change it to mine. and instagram does not understand that this is a substitution?

No, we just change username and it’s common that every accounts holder do some changes. After verification don’t change your name and username otherwise the chances are more to lose blue tick

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@Vlbrantofficial BUMP

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What about profile picture?

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profile picture will be individual or brand owner

Check pm

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Profile picture will be those person who holds same name as per the document :page_facing_up:

Is available if i’m not from countries where this subscription is enable?

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No; Actually we do work on an existing account on a desired username which are eligible for meta verified option.

also checked your message box :inbox_tray:

U do meta for Exiting account ?

Nope! We do provide meta eligible old account on your desired username and name with full account set-up.

DM to know more…Thanks!

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