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Would love to buy this but im from europe… is there any possbility/tweak of workaraound that we might use? or maybe use the same method for doing something similar here?

No sorry

hi is this still available? pm please

I really interested about it and i am in usa but i really have many questions what is this work about and there is any risk and is it 1000% legal? And how much for it right now and i am ready to buy it

Is this something I’d need capital to start or can I start just by turning on my pc type of thing?

Does this has any age restriction in order to perform the tasks needed?, I’m not in the USA but do have siblings across different states, some older that others. I guess what I mean is do they need to be in really good shape? Do they need to have a vehicle? Minivan? Scooter?

Is there I can help somehow the person doing the work from outside the US to alleviate the work load?

Would love some info to the DM.

How many hours a day should one spend doing this to make sufficient income?

Depends on the earning you want to make a few hours a day would be more than enough

I’m gonna send you a chat

I’m based in the UK but have staff in the US but I receive the payout?

What for those who are not living in USA/Canada