Minimum of 10k subs rule - Why does it still exist? (YouTube)

Dear staff of Swapd

A thing that really bothers me is the rule that you are having here when it comes to selling YouTube Channels with less than 10k subs. Currently it is really hard to get monetized on YouTube and many people lost their monetization, so there is a huge market for channels which are monetized with less than 10k subs.

I think is really missing out on this market, there are tons of people looking for channels which are monetized and not for channels with a lot of subscribers.

I believe you have it added because it is not worth it from your side to do small deals for channels with less than 10k subs, but actually channels with monetization enabled even if they are under 10k subs sell for a high price (300+ USD).

You should really adjust the rule, so that you are NOT allowed to sell channels under 10k without monetization enabled!

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Also, this was already implemented after I suggested it a while ago!

Oh they already implemented it? My bad, sorry :x:

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All good!

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