Most Affordable & High Quality PR Services [Diamond Seller & Most Tickets Closed on SWAPD]

We help businesses and individuals find their voice, define their stories and engage audiences with these stories. We offer a list of over 60 top tier publications and a-class article services to help brand your presence, authenticate and increase popularity to your name. Working for some of the world’s globally recognised public figures and social media sensations, what makes us stand out from the crowd is our excellent communication, validity, and competitive prices.

Here are some examples of publications we can get you featured on:

  • JPost
  • Forbes
  • Tech Times
  • GQ Magazine
  • Vogue
  • Entrepreneur
    & many more.

Want to make some money?

What makes us so easy to work with is our low prices, many clients offsite & on SWAPD have managed to successfully earn a few hundred dollars to even a few thousand just from up-selling from our original prices. It’s all about finding the right person with the right mindset & budget. Help us, help you.

Payment Options:

  • Bank Wire or USDT (Crypto) + SWAPD fees (not much as I am a Diamond Member)


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Price and Full List

Price and Full List for resellers

Can you send me the full list

Pm for GQ and vogue


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Price of forbes and sample link

PM me list with prices.

Highly interested in Vogue and GQ

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PM me prices and also prices for resellers.


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can you pm the list with prices

What are the prices?

Can you PM me with all details, prices etc. mate? thank you

Prices and samples please

really interested! mind pming me prices? thank you in advance