Music Marketing Services

Service type: Spotify Radio Plays

Price: 100k-$550
1,000,000- $4,500
Can Order any Amount minimum is 100k

Description: Manage an artist, run a record label or are building your career independently? We can trigger the Spotify algorithm by sending radio plays.

Service Type: Tiktok Mass posting

Description: Have you had a piece of content flop on the Tiktok? Are you interested in having it posted 50-1,000 times because you think it should go viral? Well we can do that for you. We have tens of thousands of accounts on Tiktok and make more regularly and have taken content and posted it over and over again to increase the odds it hits the algorithm. If you’re a musician we can make fanpages for you and distribute the content you already have on Tiktok to however many fanpages you’d like. If you’re a brand we can make business accounts for you put the link in bio and continuously post viral content with your product. (This service is very new but we do have one very solid case study)

Pricing: $2 per post or $1500 per M views

Service type: SoundCloud Charting

Description: We have a massive network on soundcloud that allows to push records into the Top 50 or into New and Hot.

Pricing: Varies based on the particular charting the client is looking for.

Don’t be shy to PM for case studies and willing to give a small radio campaign for free for a highly credible vouch.

Also please don’t try and ask how we do any of this. I’ve been doing this stuff for years and have had some of the most successful projects of the last 5 years. If you’re skeptical and are credible here I’m willing to give you a small test for the Spotify stuff. The other services are pretty straightforward.

Pls pm very interested

Interested can u pm me pleaseeee

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