Musician Verification Submission (Fake and Real) | Lightening Fast delivery | Millionair Club Seller

Instagram verification for Musicians!


Keeping it simple. I can submit musician cases through a media portal - both real and fake musicians. TAT is 1 hour to 1 day. Yes, it is that quick.


Fake musicians - $3750 - Including SWAPD Fees

Real musicians - 2250 Including SWAPD fees

Turnaround Time:
1 day (or 1 hour sometimes)

Payment Options:
BankWire, USDT,


  • GKP (musician or artist)
  • Verified Spotify
  • Good press (source, allhiphop, hiphopweekly etc)

So we actually have to be a musician for this you don’t provide everything?


How much for just a submission if I already have press?



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Whats the price for first customers ?

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This listing is now a Pinned Featured topic and will run until Dec 1st, 2021. Good luck with sales!

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Pm sent

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How much for ig if I’m already verified everywhere else ?

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Responded to all messages! Please bump your message if I missed it.

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Sent you a PM. Interested.

can you respond to me

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Likewise, please get back to me in PM’s.

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Very interested pls pm me

willing to do this asap!

hi is this possible for verification?

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Would like to purchase, please PM back with ticket

I have a verified Instagram account if anyone is interested?

Original owner

How much? Have OG email? What type of insurance do you offer since you have no credentials on here and it’s sketch?