NE-YO Exclusive VIP Experience - European Tour!

Got a very cool experience for my European swapd Members! Especially if you’re a fan of NE-YO!

NEY-YO is allowing 2 lucky people each night to come out and be given the VIP treatment. The 2 lucky individuals will be invited to the arena before the concert starts and have full back stage access the whole night. This includes meeting NE-YO and being backstage with him and his team all night + while he’s up stage performing. BIG FLEX OPPORTUNITY.

If you have ever been to a NEY-YO concert you know he does not disappoint! From 15,000 - 40,000 people per show it’s a big deal!

These are stadiums/Arenas!:stadium:

Here’s a SOLD OUT SHOW earlier this year in London

His tour in UK was SOLD OUT

NE-YO will be in Europe again for his Champagne and Roses Tour :rose: Jun 12th - June 29th :rose:

Price is $10k + fees | This includes 2 people.

I am helping directly set this up , so If you are a potential buyer with questions and suggestions for your VIP night I can maybe make it happen for you! Just reach out.


If you buy this, can you choose where and when you want to go?


Really interested in this for the Torino show, but want to know if the price is flexible


@bassotto2022 DM

LMK if you ever get Pdiddy. I know a few people on here who would love to meet him backstage.


:flushed::flushed: who

Ayooo :joy: want to buy his pilots sat phone number?

too soon lmfao

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