Need help to remove gray badge

Does anyone know how to remove gray badge without changing the page name?

I’ll pay if we succeed. :smiley:

Remove verification? And pay for it? I think that’s a first on SWAPD :smiley:

If you change the Category of Page, the grey badge will be removed automatically as I have heard. Try it, and then change the category back to the original one once badge removed. It’s FREE. Wish you good luck.

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Hey Hussey. Thanks for the advice.

I’ve tried this. For some reason, it didn’t work. I’ve changed the category 5 times by now…

Which category did you change to?

I’ll suggest you to wait for 24 hours to let FB know that you’ve changed category. And then reverse it after 24 to 48 hours.

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Okay. Let me try.

I saw it sometime ago.

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