[No Press Required] Real Musician Instagram Verification - $2500 Incl fees | Fast TAT

Hi everyone,

Today I am launching my musician verification service here exclusively on Swapd. This service is unique as NO press is required for Instagram verification.

$2500 including Swapd fee! payable by USDT. Bank Wire can also be accepted for an additional charge of $35.

The only requirements are:

  • Spotify (does not have to be a verified artist).

  • GKP (Google Knowledge Panel)

  • 3 Songs (Minimum)

The account cannot be for a fake musician, it has to be a genuine artist.

Please don’t send me your fake musician cases, it wastes everyone’s time.

TAT: A few minutes to 24 hours after submission (excluding weekends).


Sended u a pm

Replied. First tickets being opened

What’s GKP?

Google knowledge panel. When you search for the artist name on google it should display. E.g.

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First ticket just delivered on site :white_check_mark:. Musician verified in 1 hour after submission for @Success

Taking more cases

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Second verification completed on site :white_check_mark:

Taking cases

Verified 3/3 on site :white_check_mark:

Verified 3 cases for me. Recommend this seller :rocket: easy to work with

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Taking real cases. Please don’t send fake musicians

Check pm @geg1700

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Another successful verification just delivered on site for @jamixson :white_check_mark:

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Wow! Less than 5 hours

Can you also do GKP or do you know someone who does? need to get artist verified

GKP is a prerequisite. Swapd does not allow GKPs to be sold here so you must have this before we work on the account

Bump, accepting more tickets today…Be verified tomorrow!

Another case completed 1 hour after submission :white_check_mark:

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Bump. Please don’t send me fake musicians