[NO RESERVE] 900+ USD in SWAPD AutoBumper Credits (3600+ BUMPS)

This auction is for over 900 USD ($936.75 as of listing) in SWAPD Earnings/AutoBumper credits, which equates to roughly 3600 topic bumps!

A handful (basically none) of these bumps will be used to promote this auction—the winner will receive the rest!

I have no use for them as I am an inactive forum participant.

SWAPD’s AutoBumper allows you to increase the frequency with which you can bump your topics. The premium feature automatically bumps your topics to the top of the homepage every 12 hours—granting you a 300% increase in visibility compared to the standard 48-hour interval for manual bumps.


No reserve—happy bidding!

Only accepting USDT ERC20 as payment. Please refrain from participating in this auction if this is infeasible for you.

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are the bumps transferable?

Yes - they will be transferred to the winner of the auction.

Bumping for my bumps. Bid on my bumps! They’re cooler than SWAPD’s bumps.

Edit: and cheaper too! :sunglasses: