Offering Top Liberal/Democrat Twitter Account (115k followers, 7% avg. engagement rate, 40k impressions per tweet)

Amount of followers: 115k
Country of followers (majority): USA
Topic/Niche: Politics (Liberal/Democrat targeted)

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Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): All Organic, no money spent on followers or boosting tweets.


This account would give you an extra platform to post your content to an enthusiastic and active liberal follower base helping you earn more link clinks, website traffic, total page views, overall brand awareness, and other benefits as you see fit. The account has much more potential to grow as I have only built it up and used it on a part-time basis.

The account highlights:

  • Over 115k followers built up organically since June 2018 on only 9k tweets
  • Dominating liberal ecosystem averaging over 10m impressions per month on less than 300 tweets per month
  • Earning between 150k - 250k monthly link clicks on articles posted over the last nine months
  • Strong engagement rate of at least 6% each of the last six months
  • Have worked with multiple political sites to post their content
  • Never have paid for tweet advertising or followers, never have been banned/suspended

Please respond if you are interested and I can provide more information and data on the account.


hi-- please pm me the account handle. thanks

I am interested. Could you please PM me the handle?

just did

Send me link and your price. Thank you

PM me the handle please

What was the all-time revenue the account has made?

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Pm price and handle

It produces about $2k a month for the blog I post for and I get a cut of that.

I have worked with 3 blogs in total.

I can provide much more information/data on the account in a PM

Best opportunity for a buyer is if you own or want to start a political blog in the Liberal/Democrat anti-Trump space. The engagement of the account is incredible with my followers and the link click stats posted above are only from using the account on a part-time basis.


Can you pm me the handle and a price pls

I thought only Indian politics is filled with hatred

but ghosh after looking over your account :laughing: :laughing: :rofl: :relaxed:


What is the Handle?
What is the current best offer?
What is the amount you are looking for?

Send me the handle, and final price.

It’s not hate if facts are being presented. It is true though that undying blind loyalty to your own party and not calling out your own party’s corruption is why people are sick of politics.

The real reason people see polictics as dirty is it’s usually about power not about helping the lives of people (who are used only as shields in elections) to gain power

Can you PM me the handle and selling price? Thanks

pm handle