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After being scammed a few times in the last year and hearing that others were having the same issue, specifically with social media and online services, I decided to go ahead and create a database of scams called ScamGrade that can be searched by:

    1. @handles
    1. domain names / websites
    1. social media url’s and accounts
    1. individual names
    1. company or organization name
    1. keywords
    1. email addresses and phone numbers

I suggested having this community be the first beta testers before a public launch and it seems Admins were OK with it.

We will be also compiling the latest scam tactics on our blog so that others are aware of new scams before they’re victims!

Another feature that can help you sell quicker and generate more revenue:

Add a ScamGrade widget to show others you’re asset or services are not a scam.
Just register for an account, add your property and you will automatically get a widget to share that verifies you’re LEGIT.

Example of reports not found widget:

Example of reports found widget:

Any suggestions? What would you change, add or remove? What features do you think would make this better? Feel free to post here or DM!


This is a great idea! I have been scammed as a few times as well (and not for a small amount of money) so I would like to submit some information when I have the time.

Thanks for creating this website!

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Yeah man we need to put an end to this BS. Feel free to DM me if you need anything

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Feel free to submit reports on there and help build the database.

Awesome initiative, this need to be on top of Google.

Imp SEO recommendation: Add a meta tag

for more details check out this tool by neil patel

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