Opportunities.ph - Selling Premium Filipino Domain/Website

Domain name: Opportunities.ph
Website included?: yes
Price: 1200$

Description: The Philippines are a fantastic emerging market and the biggest english speaking country after USA, UK and India. Opportunities.ph builds up on that and is an easy to maintain opportunity website. This could also become a great regional money making website. “Opportunities” has a search volumne of 12,200 in Philippines only and a good CPC of about 1$ (huge given how easy it is to generate PH traffic). There comes a FB page with more than 13.000 Fans with it. Half of it was grown with paid ads with CPCs as low as 0.02$ per like. Reason for selling is that i have bigger projects that need my attention.

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Thank you and good luck with sales!

Looks like a nice domain. And I apologize for the link removal, I’ve made a mistake! Good luck with sales.

No worries at all. Thanks!