Page at risk of being unpublished

Anyone seen this? Any tips? Ideas how to circumvent before it’s too late?


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My best solution is to merge it with a clean page

It’s a large 1.5 million page that’s been growing organically over 10 years

Have you tried deleting all your posts?

Nope. I can’t delete 10 years of posts and I don’t even know what the problem was/is.

Please look at my post I made, it describes how you can delete posts

It’s only at risk, it displays this after two or three violations, the reality is you likely will not be unpublished but just don’t get any more violations. FB also changed it awhile ago so these violations stay on the page quality for up to one year, 365 days from the day you received it

There are some meme pages I have seen out there, with 7-10 violations and they’re still published.

Thank you for your reply, I see one violation since last October.

Hope you are right!

@markbmedia I got a violation on my page for a story I posted and it did NOT violate community standards. I’m sure it was an AI bot. Did your page go back to normal or is it still red?

My reach has gone down drastically and I got the red bar in the quality tab.

When will my reach come back to normal? It’s been 1 month…


Mine took 1 year on the day from the day shown on the violation in page quality…there was nothing I could do about it but wait…


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@markbmedia did it clear by it self after 1 year

yeah it does clear after a year. The AI Bot of fb is shittiest thing ever happened to this universe.
They are taking down posts out of no where which does not have anything to do with community standards or nudity or anything. They will send your reac to Jail for 1 year. My page got 1 Year jail then it got hell viral reach i used it for 3 weeks and now they again Sent it back to this Shitty Community standards and im again down for a year with 1,000 people reach. FML