PAID SHARES on 35M Verified Celebrity Page

Selling paid share on verified Celebrity page having 35M+ Followers
Almost all the traffic is Premium with 11M USA on top.

Shares are available daily on specific times.

Response of yesterday’s share.


It’s interesting but slightly expensive don’t you think?

Another seller on here was offering the same price to share on over 10 similar celebrity pages with over 130m

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Those 130m are just a number of followers, spammed audience.

I used to sell their shares too. Akon, ludacris :stuck_out_tongue:

can you pm me the page link?

Your celeb is no different, all are managed through the same agency. Anyway, good luck with sales, I personally think each of the pages are worth at least the price you’re asking.

35m account gains 8k likes and you dare to call other accounts “fake followers”?

We can do a partnership if you’re interested…
I can monetize every content on all social medias and i’m sure you will earn over $300 for every post. :v:

Send me link

Per Share Rates REDUCED to 280$

Can i see the reach for the post?