Performance BONUS Loading Service | Diamond Club Seller

Price: 30% + swapd fees or we can discuss

Description: Hello Swapdians Am giving performance loading service i can load your page in 20-25 days for more information you can ask

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This 30% you takes even payout stucked or red issue?

am taking advance so it doesnt matter stucked or red issue


Does this service have a payment guarantee?

I’ve bought a few Bonus pages, but the revenue always on hold :frowning:

no sir payout doesnt depend on my service:)

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do you only do performance or reels too?

only performance

So is the 30% coming out of the payout? If so I’m definitely down with that.

no sir its advance :slight_smile: or 50% on payment day

Even 50% of the payment I’m ok with on payment date as long as this service works. I’m a Facebook partner so I get these bonuses all the time. But if payout isn’t guaranteed, why would anyone pay $10,000 up front and they may get 0?

thats why there is other option 50% on payout day

Well let’s run it then!

Just completed one more page :slight_smile:


Is your service helping people reach the max performance bonus?

Also is this only for performance on Facebook or do you do Instagram reels bonus as well?

yes sir i will load maxium bonus :slight_smile: and no am doing only fb performance bonus