Permanent Blog Post on websites - Great SEO and Backlink Opportunity (Animals, Pets, Travel, Wildlife)

Hi everyone, I own three great websites, 2 of which are in the pet / animal niche and the other is in the travel niche. I am offering guest article posts on my websites, which will in turn improve your website’s SEO and Google rankings. For any articles that get posted on my website, you will just need to send over a creative title for the post, a featured image and the content of the post. I will not write the copy for you. I just need you to send over the 3 pieces of information above and we’ll post it as long as it fits the Niche of the website.

My websites are:

The Meow Blog
Niche: Cats, Animals

Cute Animal Planet
Niche: Animals, Dogs, Cats, anything related to animals / pets

Gorgeous Destinations
Niche: Travel, wildlife

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