PowerPuff Instagram/Facebook All Exclusive Services

PowerPuff Facebook and Instagram service’s from A to Z

  1. Instagram/Facebook verification

Me, and my team can submit you or your clients instagram or facebook accounts for verification.

1- Must have suitable and strong press/articles
2- No fake submissions or cases

We are able to submit any niche: entrepreneurs, athletics, business, musicians…etc

TAT: 1 day - 1 week.
Price: N/A depend on each case.

  1. Instagram/Facebook unban/recovery

We are able to restore any type of unbans including perms.
In case of a perm: if you were banned for no reason most likely i can get it. If you were banned during wave or C&D i cannot get it back.

TAT: couple days up to 4 weeks.
Price: depend on each case, must message me followers count, reason, verified or not, username. If you didn’t you will be ignored.

  1. Instagram/Facebook Username Claims

We are able to claim any inactive or banned username above 5L.
1- Must be inactive or banned.
2- no active accounts

Must know that banned accounts can be void means i will claim on fresh account but you cannot swap it or it will lead for the loss of the username.

TAT: few days to weeks.
Price: depend on each user and case.

  1. Any related Instagram or Facebook issues.

We are able to fix any instagram or facebook issues including: hacked recovery, facebook ads issues, violations and so on… pretty much anything you wish for will be granted.

FOR ANY INQUIRIES, DM me exact information. I will not reply to anyone who just messages how much without sharing the actual case.

Thank you


Huge vouch, and good luck with sales!

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can you help with fb payout issues ?

Prob yes

when filling out the form, the system writes that 30 days have passed and the account cannot be restored
are you sure can restore account ?

@PowerPuff os the goat

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I cannot.

Check pm

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