Pre-Built Shopify Partnership (TEN X TEAM) UPDATED**


Please pm details to me also.


PM me the details. What marketing channels will you be using?


Can you PM me the price please ?


is this still available ?


Thank you all for your interests. It is still available… just been busy with the holidays. I’ll get back to everyone today.


Dm price and more info


Everyone should have been messaged. If you didn’t get a PM from us please let us know!

Kind regards,


Interested in available stores/niches and detailed information on service and ROI. Thanks.


Info sent!


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Interested in the service and available niches. Please PM a detailed message.


Will send more info later today. Currently out of town for New year’s vacation.


Update to previous post about working with them. They are professional, but I did not end up having a store done by them. We just could not reach an agreement on price but it was in no way me not trusting their service.


I’m gonna try them.
I hope adm does too
So we can know if the service is genuine or not.
My biggest issue is what happened if I stopped the maketing way 6 months before.
Do they take their site (my site) away?
The seller has not have anytime to reply to my concerns.


Sorry guys been out of town and got sick. Will get back to everyones inquires by Saturday.


yeah man, you are really bad at this LOL


Sorry you feel that way it’s been tough with the holidays. I have family I have to be with and people I need to see. But I will get back to everyone.


i was joking though
of course we all have lives outside our work space.


We’re back and ready to answer any question. Sorry for the delay. We answered everyone’s DMS. If we missed you please send us a other DM.


this service is still unconfirmed ? no one has ordered anything yet ?