Pre-Built Shopify Partnership (TEN X TEAM) UPDATED**


Domain name:

Own a pre-built drop-ship store and get a marketing expert to drive you sales!
Each store is built on a premium Shopify theme by expert website designers.

Your marketing expert will work one on one with you to start making sales!

We have a lot of stores for sale in different niches however we’re starting with this one to see how swapd works. All in all you will get our pre-built shopify store plus your first months marketing included in the purchase price. Marketing will be provided to you for a monthly retainer price if you wish to continue to market and drive sales from our service.

I’ve attached a couple of our previous clients in this message with their testimonials, and income proof.

Owner of .Titika Active, Anastasia Miles Said:

This is one of the best things, business-wise, I’ve ever invested in, even though it doesn’t cost much! The foundations for my store, my mentor, and support do a spectacular job to guide and grow the business. I encourage anyone who’s interested in starting an online business, to sign up, do it! -Anastasia Miles

Here’s her proof of income:

Owner of Rowdy Bags, Shawna DeSimone said:

3 months in and hit my first 3K in 1 day! I have worked really, really hard with my Mentor and I know I’ve still got a long way to go and much more to do! I am NOT tech savvy but thanks to the support of The TENX Team always available I know I can hit my next milestone!

Here’s her proof of income:

With the most advanced marketing techniques and technologies, our software and systems are sure to multiply your brand conversions.

Price for Store and First Months Marketing: $797
Price for marketing thereafter if you choose to continue: $497

Start making sales today!


Can you provide more details on how your service works?


Sent you a DM. Looking forward to your response.


Please PM more details on the service. Thank´s


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would love to hear what you offer, DM me info please


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Updated with proof of income, and testimonials.


Can you provide more details on how your service works? Pm pls


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I am wondering about the USA suppliers part. Is there a place i can see what they are offering to tell you what kind of a store I’d like? I mean niche :slight_smile:


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Interested in available stores/niches and detailed information on service and ROI. Thanks.


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Purchasing a store with 2 months of marketing right now, i will continue to update my experiences on whether or not its worth it :slight_smile: so far @Mryoukhna has been extremely helpful and walked me through quite a bit. Looking forward to my experience with him



Can you tell me a little bit more about the marketing offer. I already have a shopify store.

Is it PPC, Facebook etc… or organic?


100% organic. FB ads burn through your cash fast and don’t produce results for all products.


i’d like to learn more about this
please PM me.


Would love to hear about it, please pm me some more information


Hey everyone holidays are coming up and I’ve been busy I will PM everyone back this weekend.