Premium 96K music FB Page, top countries; USA,UK,France,Canada

Amount of followers:96000
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):Organic, S4S

Description:my page is not active enough because i don’t have time to use it but when you add new posts page have good engagement
Country of followers (majority):USA,UK,France,Canada

Do you have certain countries blocked? As I can’t access the page.

Yes I blocked a lot of page, which country you belong so that I unblock it

You should probably unblock all for the duration of your listing or people will just ignore your listing. 70% of users on SWAPD aren’t from the USA/CA/AU/UK.

U r right, done

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Thanks. Marked this listing premium, it looks good on the surface. Thank you and good luck with sales.

Thank you @Swapd

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Link please.

Is that so you only grow with followers from tier 1 countries?

Link and price please

Please send me link and expected price. Thank you.

Link and final rate please

Link n price plz

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