Premium Music PR for verification or hype

Service type: PR on Premium Music Publications

Description: I can get you placed in following Music Publications, these are very good for verifications and just building hype by submitting your Music/Video

Here are the publications alongwith the prices:-

https:// hip-hopvibe. com Price:- $100

https:// www.hotnewhiphop. com Price:- $400

https:// www.xxlmag. com Price:- $400

https:// allhiphop. com Price:- $400

https:// www.gemtracks. com Price:- $ 350

DM me for more info.


Dmed you.


whats the price

@JuliusPepperwood @bravocapitan

Here are the prices:- Price:- $100 Price:- $400 Price:- $400 Price:- $400 Price:- $ 350

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is it guaranteed

Pm sample of XXL

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