Premium Three Letter @username on Instagram, 5 Million Hashtags



Property type: three letter Instagram username that comes with the OG email

Why is it unique?: One of the premium username. 3 letters, 5M+ hashtags.

This @username is used by millions of company as a suffix in their name specifically in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Fun fact: This @username is also used as a stock symbol on NYSE by a company whose parent company have worth $1.66 trillion AUM (Assets under management)

It is an acronym of one of city whose name was associated with scandal in which 10 millions documents got leaked related to financial information.

This username is short and of only three letters so there are endless possibilities for utilizing it.

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* If you're into programming, you must have used this as a kind of terminal.
* It is a short-form for a specific kind of yarn.
* It is used in radio too for specifying a type.
* It was a common Internet slang in mid 2000's.

pic : 1.1 total hashtags used on Instagram

pic: 1.2 average monthly search on google for the @username & related keyword

pic: 1.3 a potato for reference

Price: 1000$ via Bitcoin


Handle please Lord


This is a fantastic opportunity especially if you are from Australia, NZ or South Africa


Yeah it’s excellent for someone from Australia, New Zealand or South Africa but good for literally everyone.


PM me the handle, with ball park figure of what you’re chasing.



lol, sure


PM handle please.


PM sent!


Can you PM handle and what sort of price youre looking for?


DM handle please :slight_smile:


Pm me handle pls


SOLD! Thank you for using SWAPD.

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