PRESS/ ARTICLES (verification process)

Im here to offer you press that will help you in the process of achieving your Instagram verification. Please PM me with any questions in regards to Do-follow links. Most articles will show up under google news however please PM and ask to verify.

Turn around time: 1 week (24-48hours for most)


Baltimore Post Examiner: $220
Net News Ledger: $150
Big Times Daily: $150
Future Sharks: $250
Influencive: $450
Thrive Global: $175
Odyssey Online: $150
Kivo Daily: $200
NY Weekly: $120
Respect Mag: $150
Disrupt: $150
LA Progressive: $220
The Frisky: $180
Times Business News: $325
CEO World Biz: $620
Good Men Project: $620
News Blaze: $325
Capecod: $350
Space Coast Daily: $175
Enews20: $175
OneWorldHerald: $175
Seekerstime: $175
TribuneByte: $175
BOHerald: $175
TricityDaily: $175
London Daily Post: $175
Business Deccan: $175
Instabulletin: $175
The American Reporter: $175
California Herald: $175
America Daily Post: $175
Digi Herald: $175
Market Watch: $150
Forbes India: $500
Source Magazine: $450
Kazi Magazine: $150

Forbes: $3000 $2500

Google knowledge panel: $400 (14 day turn around time usually)

If you do not have your article already written, there is a $50 charge per unique article written.

*Swapd fees not included

I also offer Facebook media panel submissions for $2,000. This will help when submitting for instagram or facebook verification. There are qualifications needed for me to submit you so please PM with your name, your @, and your press articles to see if you qualify. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY PRESS, please do not PM asking if you qualify.

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iā€™m interested in these services how do we go about doing this?

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Interested, I will DM you

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Hello how are u?

Im good, how are you? How can I help you?

Pm bro, need articles for a story we need covered, not for verification purposes

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