(Price drop) Selling Very ACTIVE 160k Facebook page! USA, Australia, Canada, UK likes!

Country of followers (majority): USA, Australia, Canada, UK
Amount of fans/followers: 152 000 / 155 000 (UPDATE 05.03.2018.: 160 000 / 163 000)
Topic/Niche: Community
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): No


Reduced price from 8k$ to 5k$

VERY ACTIVE FB page - each post gets 1000 - 2000 Share!
5000+ New Likes each week! Average 700+ New Likes per day!

See insights stats below! Send me PM for any additional info you would like to know!

Would be interested in the handle please. Can make an offer shortly.

Sent you PM

Reduced price to 7000 $ or best offer!

whats the page link? an do you accept offers?

Reduced price to 6000 $ or best offer!

UPDATE: At the moment already 154K Likes / 157K Followers

UPDATE: At the moment already 157K Likes / 160K Followers

what is the URL?

can u send me the url plz?

Hi, please send the url

what is the url ?

UPDATE 05.03.2018 Amount of fans/followers: 160 000 / 163 000
Price 5000$ OBO

UPDATE 12.03.2018 Amount of fans/followers: 163 000 / 166 000

url and price bro ??

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