PropellerAds Publisher account

Account type: PropellerAds Publisher account
Price: Best price

Description: I am not sure if this is allowed here so mods can close if it is not. I have a PropellerAds Publisher account with $29 balance which I no longer use for months. The account is in working condition with no issues. If anyone interested to buy, please let me know.

Thank you.

What type of ads are allowed? I mean banners because some want to be website at alexa rank requirements

There is no such requirements. They allow banner, interstitial and other ads like Push Notifications, Onclick Ads, Widgets, Smart Links etc.

They also provide you javascript ads code to bypass Adblockers.

If you have a wordpress website then they have a plugin to do all the things from your WP dashboard.

Anyone can create a pub account🤔

Native banners are reserved for accounts with high traffic. My account has this activated. Please check their website for more information on this.