Public vs Private Verified Snapchat Accounts

Hi all I just wanted to start a conversation about the difference between public and private verified snapchat accounts. Is anyone here familiar with the difference. What are the benefits of each? Do the privately verified accounts have the same reach/spotlight views/show up in discovery?

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The private accounts can’t have a public profile. Meaning all posts are only visible to their friends… It is also not showing up on the account itself, only in chat and the private story (visible to friends only).

The Public Profile once can post public and thus get a higher reach and have the potential to go viral. Plus the badge is visible on the profile, chat, stories, spotlight, everywhere.


public verification - legit
private verification - scam with exploit

simple as that bro! :raised_hands:


Simple If you’re looking for verified account on Snapchat, you need to make sure the account is verified with public profile:

And there’s three different type of verification:

First: Creators/Public Figures

Comes with verified public profile you can post through your snapchat app directly.

Second: Business verified profile

Snapchat In the past years started new verification service for business profile it’s the same thing as the verified profile for the creators and has the same exact features but sometimes it comes with a checkmark and they might change it to a snap star :star:, and also how to know if this verified as business you can see the username will not be shown on the public profile that means it’s business verification.

Third: Snapchat Channel

Recently a lot of people on the market claiming that you can get verified in short amount of time and sometimes in couple minutes, the fact about this they have some kind of agency with Snapchat that allow them to create new account “channel” and have the Snap Star next to the username in private messages but it doesn’t have a public profile because you need to go to a specific website “” so you can create your profile for the channel and post as show that means it’s not a verified profile, but in the past year the channels wasn’t have Snap Star next to it but Snapchat recently did that and most people in the market they’re claiming that they can verify you but at the end is useless and he can remove you from the agency anytime he wish.