Real Youtube Views from Google Ads - Monetizable views | GEO Targeted | Non Drop


YouTube Views on your videos (proper videos not shorts) Using Google Ads. There’s no limit on how many views you can order, you can legit order 20million views on your video today!! I dont use panels or fake views for my clients.

Source: Google Advertisements
Tat: 12 - 48 hours For 1-5Million views
Demographics: Worldwide

• Requirements -

Minimum order quantity - 500k Views
• How to Know if these views are legit and not bot or fake views-
You can check everything in the creator studio of your channel under ‘traffic sources’ section of that specific youtube video.

• Can i buy your service for my normal youtube videos too?
Yes. Anyone can buy YouTube ads views on any video posted on youtube. We’re working with many labels, youtubers, singers, and many more to promote their videos to make them reach a wider audience.

• Extra Benefits: You can get extra subscribers, likes, comments but it totally depends on your content. The better the content the more conversion but im not claiming any guaranteed amount of subs or likes, engagement can be 0 as well, totally depends on content .

Did you post this cause you worked on these videos of chief keef and french montana? how much is it for the 500k views and is it USA based??

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I have posted this cause I’m very good at this service and yes.

I’ve worked for chief kief and french montana and few other celebrities too.

Price per 1m views via Ads are 1400$ + swapd fees

For 500k views I’ll do 750$ + swapd fees

are they USA targeted?

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You can do 500k USA views for $750?

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Can you do Latam views?

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Check pm

Being the same service provider, I’d like to suggest you to change the title and post.
You are misleading the buyers or may be there is any miss-understanding because the views coming from ads are not monetizable.

Here is the proof

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Thankyou for proving my point!

it doesn’t support eligbility for Partner program, however, the accounts which are already in the partner program and have videos monetized (they make money when these views are provided to them through ads)

Have a good day!

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