[REDUCED! Unique opportunity] 39.4 Million impressions per month | Selling super Premium Twitter Account



Again very interested in this. Have been looking for something like this for a long time. Please send PM. Thank you. I am really looking forward to hearing from you!


It would be very nice if you could get back to me with the handle. I am ready to make you an offer. :slight_smile:


very interested. can you inbox me price thank you




Instagran accounts are the ones with the problem about original emails, not Twitter.


No, without an original email address one can easily get the old account back. I deal with twitter accounts quit a bit. Never buy a twitter account without original email. Since you‘re selling many twitter accounts, this makes it even more strange that you refuse to sell without original email. I do not believe there is a business linked to every of your accounts. The real sellers change it on request. The ones people should be careful with, are the ones that eng to keep them. Anyways, good luck. And all you people out there, be careful what you are buying. @admin just confirmed without original email, there is no help whatsoever in recovering an account.


Please PM me the link and price.


I bought and sold Twitter accounts for 6 years. Never had a problem whatsoever.
If you want, I can change the email for yours, and then do the transaction.

P.S. I just sold 3 twitter accounts here on Swapd last week, not a problem.




It is not the problem of changing it. It is the problem that later you can claim that you have been ,hacked‘ and recover your account. I am sure you sold many accounts last week, since you keep telling people it’s not a problem. @admin just confirmed it’s a big problem for the buyer. They won‘t insure anything without original email.


Not sure ow can i fix it because all the twitter accounts i used my personal email with dots


Could you please PM price and Link?


Plz handler and price




i just sent it


PM price pls.




how much


PM sent


Please PM a price and link.