Remove TrustPilot Reviews Page Completely Delete From GOOGLE Search

Service type: Remove TrustPilot Page
Price: 5000$-7000$ (depend)


Trust Pilot

I must mention that this service has a 90% chance of success because it is very demanding.

What is offered here?

After someone searches the name of your company on google search, the review page appears and immediately shows the ratings.

I offer the option that I delete that link from the google search console ( deindex it )

This is completely NEW SERVICE

Contact for more info


  • TAT 7 days (hard case 15days)

  • Through strong Google representative


Is this true, where it will be removed with no trace of DMCA or will a DMCA request be utilized?

It will be removed from google search. Sometimes trace is here sometimes not. Because i work on more tactics…… Many times when i remove article from one of methods i dont get email. But in most cases i get. So depends. This is totally new service worked one time off-site. And i hope i can make it alive and here.

Well my question is simple. Is a rep just clicking a button internally and removing it or is DMCA being used?

Both in same time and whatever comes first. 7days and no prepayment are pretty good

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Are you using an actual rep who’s deleting it behind the scenes or are you filing a DMCA request? Please be clear

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@TheSolomon answer @GOAT 's question

I say both side rep and DMCA. And what ever comes first. Why is this not inofe answer?

Yo! Can your Google Rep can recover GMC Suspended accounts? If yes, then let me know your telegram id :pray:

This is not true. You’re simply doing a DMCA request. You don’t have an insider. Please don’t mislead users on Swapd. The reason this is important is because with DMCA, it’ll show at the bottom of the web page that something was taken down, which is much different than something just getting deleted.

You may be able to chat in or email someone generic but you definitely don’t have a private rep insider who you text that can just remove something. Cmon

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Why u don’t ask this privately ?

Its okay he is like free bumps last 7days


LMFAO. This had me rolling. :rofl:

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