Running / Stable Income Stream (FB page + group + web) (Makes $2000/month)

$13,000 is the Current Best Offer.
Anyone willing to go to 15k?

PM me for all the revenue and profits details.

sold? if not… link please

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PM sent all the details.

for an extra 2.5 Grands, i am willing to include this page in the network too: 572k Humor Fb Page | Tier 1 Fans | Highly Active [ this page isn’t being monetized yet, but it can definitely increase the worth + revenue of this businesss ]

so basically what you’re getting in this network is:

what you will get along with this network is:

  1. 650k Members group
  2. 335k Premium Likes PROFILE Fanpage (adbreak eligible\active page\top USA)
  3. 572k Premium Humor Page (80% USA, extremely active)
  4. content web - with approved OUTBRAIN publisher account
  5. content web - with approved TABOOLA publisher account
  6. **dropshipping store ** - i have closed the store due to unneccesary costs but if someone wants it, i can make it live

pm me details please

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Interested can you PM me with more details please

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BUMP - Details sent to everyone above :100:

Link please

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Interested! Please send details of the page link and instant articles website.

Thank you.

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Potential to build a passive income stream of 2 / 3 grand / month on autopilot


This deal would cost you around $16,000 and you’ll be getting all these things

650k premium group :

175k premium group

350k Premium Profile Fanpage:

Premium Very Active Humor Page:


********** Www 572k Humor Fb Page | Tier 1 Fans | Highly Active

this website: with approved Outbrain publisher acc on it.

1x Instant Article approved this e-commerce store is off at the moment, i can make it live during the transaction if anyone proceed with the deal

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