Selling 1.3 Millions Fans Fitness/Bobyduilding Facebook Page

Country of followers (majority): USA UK AUSTRALIA Top Reach
Amount of fans/followers: 1 317 000
Promotion methods used? Organic/S4S/Engagement Networks

Description: Active Facebook page.
Highest reach and engagement in USA.

Promotion methods used?

Organic/S4S/Engagement Networks

do you have the url and price estimate? thanks

url and insights please.

send me page name and insights please

send info -thanks

pls can you send me more info about page and last price

Hi. What’s the url and could you also please send indication of asking price? Thanks

are interested to sell it or not? if yes respond to msg

please send me account name and screenshot of follower countries and analytics

Please send me page url und last price.

Send over url and insights and you may get a sale

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