Selling 124k Fishing Account

Country of followers (majority): US, Brazil
Amount of followers: 124 000
Topic/Niche: Fishing
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


Hello Swapd.

Decided to sell one of my best fishing accounts, an account that I was using and I am currently using to promote my fishing brand, brand that is generating me up to 5k USD in Revenue Monthly.

Therefore, the page that I am selling right now is not just an Instagram Page, I am selling this as a Business, that has a ROI of around 5 months. The page is not really generating a lot of money from promos, because I usually decline promos and just promote my online store.

This is the perfect opportunity for someone to join the Fishing Niche, a really enthusiastic niche with a lot of opportunities to make money ( my fishing brand is the proof).

Engagement is not looking super great, but that is because I have someone hired posting 7 times a day, mostly reels, and as you know, reels take some time to properly pop off.

Once again, since this is one of my best-performing pages, generating passive income for me, don’t even bother to come with low offers, because I know the page’s value and how much it is generating for me.

Obviously, my Fishing Business is NOT included in the deal.

Insights of the page :

Bump. Dm me for more info

Still open to hear offers. Dm

Dm with offers.

Current best offer is 2250.

Will also provide my reels growth strategy and lots of fishing interactive stories as a bonus.


Acc is growing.

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