Selling a direct connection with the top global travel and lifestyle concierge company

Type of connection: A direct rep for a global travel and lifestyle concierge company that is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange!
Location: Worldwide
Price: $1750 + fees

Ever heard of stories about the AMEX Concierge for VVIP clients? Well, now you can have a personal concierge directly in your pocket through my contact at one of the UK’s most well-known lifestyle concierge companies that is listed on the London Stock Exchange and boasts clients such as Barclays Bank, American Express, Coutts Bank, HSBC etc.


Can someone verify if this is a thing? Just want to make sure.


Sending some information via PM, boss


Does buying this give you VIP clients for the buyers concierge services

Or does It let you send clients to them do they can do concierge services for the clients VIP clients ?
Its interesting , but not 100% clear for me

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This does not give you access to their existing clients, that would be a breach of privacy. This allows you to access the concierge service for yourself and/or your clients. It’s the same kind of service offered to AMEX Centurion clients

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What can they do realistically.

Just book me a hotel or flight?

Get me specific things if I want it?

Get me a reservation thats impossible to get?


All of the above and more. The AMEX Centurion concierge service that we all know about and have stories about is pretty much the exact same thing.

This company works directly with AMEX and their customers, too, as well as a lot of other banks in the UK (such as Barclays, HSBC etc) to service their ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI). Most banks have a private concierge service that you may or may not have heard about. About 90% (give or take) of the banks in the United Kingdom do their concierge through this company that I am providing the contact for.