Selling All Snapchat Contacts & Forms + Internal Only Documents

It’s OFFICIAL I’m selling all the Snapchat Reps Contact Information:
(Emails, Phone Numbers, & Personal Snapchat Accounts)

I’ll also be including all internal documentation that is confidential to most levels of clearance at Snapchat. This includes internal documents showing hidden app features, celebrity analytics, how to set up verified accounts, shows, and setting up accounts from the highest representatives at Snapchat.

Once again, everything is under confidentiality and to be used at your own discretion. This information is highly valuable and utilized by many prominent SWAPD sellers. I do not sell my Snapchat services online; I only offer them to clients in person. However, as I am looking to get married, I wish the best for the next person willing to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

(April Fools! Yes, I do have this type of information, but I would never sell it, lol)

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I was fooled :sleepy:

Snapchat fired 500 employees and laid off every rep. other than department leads.

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yeah and all this info is already pretty public lol

Having meetings at HQ weekly, they fired small snails that take positions that aren’t needed for dept that change on a daily. Creator departments have had strongest teams since day 1.

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