Selling Deals website with an Amazon Fake Review Checker

The website: www.DEAL(removethis)SHAH .COM

It’s a deals website that was built from scratch. One cool feature it has is an Amazon Fake Review Checker. It’s on the top of the homepage, try it out yourself, it’s pretty useful!

I launched this website about a month ago. I’m working on a much bigger project and simply don’t have the time to market and build up a strong customer base & traffic. It might be better if you choose a suitable domain name/logo for yourself.

The website currently has almost no traffic/revenue. The idea was to replicate the following website (now archived):
Deals2Buy was bought by RetailMeNot for millions, but subsequently shut down.

The AWS account still has $265.74 worth of credits.

I have an assistant and a developer that work for dirt cheap and can help you in whatever needs you may have.